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Study the Market Trend’s Big Picture to Avoid Panic

Because the stock market can jump-up or bottom-out within a given day, it is almost impossible to determine exactly what will happen all the time. In order to have some sort of consistency when trading stocks, it is important for analysts to look at market trends and understand what they mean. The market’s trend can… Read More »

What is a Fundamental Analysis?

Fundamental analysis of a business involves reviewing and analyzing all of the financial statements, the type of management and advantages over other businesses. It stands to reason that a fundamental analysis, when applied to stocks and futures, would focus on things such as interest rates, production schedules, earnings and perhaps economic demand. In order to… Read More »

Use Charts to Buy Technology Stocks

Using charts is an efficient way for any investor to identify stocks worthy of their money. Technology stocks are some of the most valuable, yet volatile markets around these days. Because the price of raw materials is in constant flux and new technology is coming out almost every hour, these stocks can have steep climbs… Read More »

What Is Technical Analysis and Why is it Important?

When Technical Analysis is mentioned, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it a guy with a pocket protector wearing a pair of glasses taped together, scribbling away at complex formulas? Perhaps it is a man with slicked-back hair and a black suit and tie, sitting in a cubical, crunching numbers… Read More »

A Quick Lesson in Stock Trading Basics

Stock trading can oftentimes be a confusing point of financial disconnect because we don’t understand the theory or what’s behind the actions. For some people, trading stocks makes sense, much like breathing; it comes naturally. For the rest of us, stock trading seems to be a type of magical wizardry that happens with a wave… Read More »

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