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5 Timeless Investment Tips

This will review the five investment tips for beginning investors. To keep what you have and hopefully pocket a little more, you need to keep a few things in mind. 1. The company you choose to invest in should have a solid background and history. Look into past years and see how the company has… Read More »

Bulls and Bears: Mind Set and The Stock Market

  Many people recognize two types of market in the stock market — a Bull and a Bear. You hear these terms all the time, and they both have adherents in almost any given economic situation. Bears are folks who feel the situation ahead is looking gloomy, an economic downturn is inevitable short term, and… Read More »

Buying Stock Using Market Or Limit Orders

This article brings us back to some really basic parts of investing; buying stocks. When you are looking to purchase shares of stock, there are a few ways to do that. Whether you are talking to your broker or doing the trading online, these same terms apply. The first term is buying at Market. This… Read More »

Comparing Stocks and Investment Options In the Same Sectors

You can use information about another company to help analyze an investment option (or potential investment). This might sound a bit confusing at first, but it really makes a lot of sense in the end. If you are considering investing in an oil company — a popular idea with today’s rising oil prices — you… Read More »

How To Invest In the Stock Market

There are a lot of people who are quick to put down investing in the stock market. They will point to Enron or Ponzi schemes and spout about fools investing and the greed of brokers and those in the financial community. On the opposite end are the people who are so eager to be in… Read More »

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