Not a "dream" ... Not a "plan"...


The magnum opus of a former President
of Exxon, righting the wrongs of big oil

(while making his investors rich!)

Will you turn $5,000 into $50,000
righting the wrongs of Big Oil alongside
a former President of Exxon?

Dear Reader,

Why would a President of Exxon quit to start his own company?

Six years ago, Dr. R. Gerald Bailey dreamed of a pollution-free system to extract oil from oil sands.

This year, he has made it a reality.

It actually works. The plant is running today in Utah. He is the proud owner of...

The World's First POLLUTION-FREE
Oil Sands Project

You can feel proud of your investment while you
potentially earn 1,000% return.
Do good while making money!

The former Exxon President's company, MCW Energy Group (OTC: MCWEF), is producing oil around $24 per barrel today in Vernal, Utah.

Oil for half the price it can fetch on the market — even at current "low oil prices" of $48 per barrel.

All with zero pollution.

No, he didn't find an unusually cheap source of oil.

He has developed and patented a proprietary technology.

He built a modular facility...

a mini-plant that can be moved anywhere... and started producing oil with fantastic margins.

Just insert oil sands, which flow through a proprietary solvent system, and out comes clean sand and oil.

This plant is running today, extracting 99% of all hydrocarbons from oil sands while using no water, producing no run-off, and recycling all solvents within its closed-loop system.

The only two things exiting MCWEF's facility are:

1) clean sand (returned to nature)
2) clean oil
(ready for sale!)

The governor of Utah visited MCWEF's property, and he couldn't have been more impressed. Governor Gary Herbert saw hundreds of barrels of high quality of oil and clean, brown sand being returned to nature.

Utah's Governor knew that depressed oil prices had hurt the job economy of his state. Many companies cannot profitably mine oil given current "low oil prices," so they have just laid off their workers.

At MCWEF, to the contrary, Utah's Governor saw a company not only mining oil profitably, but doing it with almost zero environmental impact.

A personal message from a former President of Exxon from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange




Extremely high oil extraction rate of 99%.
After processing, clean sand may be sold or returned to nature.
Economically viable
- Producing oil for $24.51-34.04 per barrel of oil.
- (Selling around $48 per barrel of oil — a nice profit!).
Energy efficient
- Returns 22 units of energy for every 1 unit of energy invested.
- (Standard hot water oil sands mining in Alberta averages 5:1).
- Produces 250-500 barrels daily.
- Upcoming facility will produce up to 5,000 barrels daily.
Modular, scalable technology
- Once a mine is depleted, the processing plant can be transported by truck to the next mine.

MCW Oil Sands Technology...
How It Works:

Oil sands ore is delivered to the extractor and passes through patented, benign extraction solvents
Solvent/extracted oil mixture is transferred to the separation column. Oil is separated from solvents, sold to distributors/refineries.
Solvents are re-circulated back through incoming sand, extracting more oil from incoming feedstock.
The cleaned sand is removed, dried and sold as construction aggregate or used to restore original mine site surface.

Follow His Leadership and Win Big:
With Dr. Bailey as our visionary CEO...


His company has solved the problem of oil sands and oil mining in general. He has a fully operational facility to prove it! With millions in cash, patented technology, and executive experience at Exxon (NYSE: XOM), today's investors could enjoy explosive potential of 1,000% upside. Make money — while saving the planet from mining pollutants


The CEO of MCWEF is Dr. R. Gerald Bailey, who is the former President of Exxon (NYSE: XOM), Arabian Gulf region.

He also served as Assistant GM for Abu Dhabi Onshore Oil Company, Operations Manager for Qatar General Petroleum, and Operations Superintendent for Esso Standard Libya, Brega. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Despite his pedigree, Dr. Bailey learned about MCWEF's patented technology, he left to join the tiny company MCWEF immediately.

Dr. Bailey knows that MCWEF's modular technology has massive licensing potential in Utah, not to mention abroad. Even if Dr. Bailey remained in Utah, he is surrounded by the richest oil sands deposits in the world. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Utah has over 30 BILLION barrels of bitumen across eight major deposits. Utah contains over 55% of all U.S. oil sands deposits with excellent infrastructure, excellent safety, attractive fiscal and royalty regimes, advantageous tax treatments, and world-class pipelines, utilities, workers and transportation access. LICENSING REVENUE FROM THIS TECHNOLOGY WITHIN UTAH ALONE COULD REWARD SHAREHOLDERS WITH 1,000%.
Dr. Bailey has already secured a 1,128 acre lease with 20 million barrels of bitumen, which is plenty to continue proving that his technology is real. He didn't just secure the lease, he started production at several hundreds of barrels of oil per day. He has proven that the technology works, helped raise a bunch of capital for MCWEF in late 2015, and is ready to start licensing the technology TO REWARD SHAREHOLDERS LIKE YOU WITH MASSIVE GAINS.
Dr. Bailey also plans to continue processing his own oil sands (hey, why not, it's so profitable!). He has already secured a second lease purchase agreement on 2,230 acres in Temple Mountain with 88 million barrels of bitumen. Easy. He is also expanding operations from 500 to 5,000 barrels daily. SHAREHODERS WILL BE BENEFIT FROM THIS 10X GROWTH.
But the biggest revenue potential is in licensing MCWEF's technology to the other Big Oil companies — and Dr. Bailey knows those executives personally! The focus is on Dr. Bailey, but of course he has assembled a rockstar team of other executives and board members who also have invaluable contacts within the oil mining industry. Don't be surprised when MCWEF announces some big revenue contracts within days. Just one contract announcement could send the stock 1,000% higher. SHAREHOLDERS WILL BENEFIT AS EACH CONTRACT IS ANNOUNCED.
Multiple Streams of Revenue
- Leasing the processing facility to other countries
- Licensing the technology to other companies
- Continuing processing MCWEF's own oil sands

Patent-Protected Technology
MCWEF has patent applications filed in all countries with significant oil sands reserves.

- Patents were filed in China and Russia in 2014.

- Three patents were filed in the U.S. and Canada in 2011–2012.

- Worldwide, MCWEF has additional patent protection with Priority Dates as early as October 7, 2011.

Rest assured — the patent portfolio of this company is top notch. It protects Dr. Bailey's technology from copycats.

If any oil company wants to process oil sands at Dr. Bailey's amazingly low cost (with zero pollution), they must pay MCWEF.


- Energy efficient: produces 20 units of energy per 1 unit of energy invested (20:1 EROEI)
- Effective on all hydrocarbon types
- Over 99% hydrocarbon extraction
- Over 99% solvent recovery
- No water required
- Continuous flow, closed-loop system

- No greenhouse gases, high pressures or temperatures
- Small footprint
- Benign solvents

- No expensive production infrastructure needed
- Scalable, modular facility: units in 250 to 2,500 barrels/day
- Low oil production costs: $24 bbl (based on $40 bbl oil prices)
- Modular components, easy set-up, low overhead, fast payback
- No synthetic additives required for easier transportation
- Easy access to roads, power, infrastructure
- Positive, pro-development environment in Uinta Basin and Vernal, Utah
- Opportunity for U.S. to increase domestic clean energy production

You want to research MCWEF now — before the general public finds out about its patent-protected technology. Just watch as this former Exxon President licenses his technology to Big Oil companies like Chevron.

Act quick — other investors will be learning about this stock soon. Take action before the general public learns about MCWEF and bids up the price before you can get in on 1,000% gains.

MCW’s Fluctuating Production Costs
Will Provide Ongoing
Profits Regardless
of Low Oil Prices

MCW’s recent internal study has confirmed processing costs are dramatically reduced when oil prices drop. Petroleum products used in MCW’s extraction process... diesel fuel, propane, condensates and solvent costs were reduced by 40%-55%, effectively reducing processing costs.



MCWEF just announced a huge round of financing that provides it with the cash it needs to aggressively expand throughout Utah.

Literally within days, you should expect MCWEF to start making deals with major oil companies in Utah. (Translation: Major revenue arriving soon.) You need to act before Wall Street learns about the strategic ways Dr. Bailey is using this cash to land huge contracts.

Remember, we know that MCWEF has been processing its own oil sands deposits in Utah — the 1,128 and 2,230 acre deposits it already owns. This has armed it with verifiable proof and scientific results to demonstrate to Big Oil companies that its technology absolutely works.

So now that Dr. Bailey has lots of cash to make sales trips and host dinners, you can expect handshaking to be happening any day now.


MCWEF's technology is currently operating profitable in Vernal, Utah. It is one of the lowest-cost production sites in the world, all with no water usage, pollution, or environmental damage.

When most people hear about a "revolutionary technology," they think about biotech stocks that are years away from approval.

In contrast, MCWEF's technology is fully approved, already operating, and ready to license its technology to major oil miners.

Don't be misled by its brief operating history. It's just as revolutionary as any secretive "revolutionary technology." MCWEF's plant only produces a few hundred barrels daily, meaning it's just a proof of concept.

The revolution isn't a few hundred barrels daily. No, the REVOLUTION IS THAT IT'S A PROVEN TECHNOLOGY. That is, Dr.Bailey actually operates a verifiably environmentally-friendly oil sands mining technique based on a waterless, solvent-based, pollutant-free, closed-loop system with a 99% extraction rate that ACTUALLY TODAY produces sub-$30/barrel oil.


Here we have Dr. Bailey, an independently wealthy man, up in years and with unlimited life options available to him, who was President of Exxon's Arabian Gulf Region... and this man has decided to lead MCWEF.

His reason is not just to make more money — although he certainly expects MCWEF to do that.

No, he saw a complete, total solution to oil sands mining that would both make a profit and care tenderly for the earth.

No tailings ponds No groundwater supply contamination
No high pressure chambers No pollutants
No water use No high temperatures

Most oil miners take huge tolls on the environment, and Dr. Bailey was sick of that. When he saw a way to mine responsibly, he knew how much good it could do. And he knows how much money he will make as CEO of this revolutionary company!

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Patent-protected technology. Already Operating Profitably.
Proven technology that produces oil for around $24 per barrel — nicely. Fully operational plant processing hundreds of barrels of oil daily.
Profitable even at current "low" oil prices of $48 per barrel. Imminent licensing deals with Big Oil companies like Chevron.
CEO Dr. Bailey was President of Exxon, Arabian Gulf Region. Stand-alone growth potential due to upcoming 5,000 barrel/day plant.
Massive licensing potential throughout Utah and even abroad. Timing is perfect due to a massive cash raise.
Inspected by the Governor of Utah. Pollution-free and environmentally friendly.

TAKE ACTION NOW: The world's first pollution-free and profitable oil production facility. Operating today by former Exxon President Dr. Gerald Bailey at MCW Energy Group (OTC: MCWEF). Ready to license to all of the world's oil companies and reward shareholders near-term gains and long-term dividends.


Not a "dream" ... Not a "plan"...


The magnum opus of a former President
of Exxon, righting the wrongs of big oil

(while making his investors rich!)

Will you turn $5,000 into $50,000
righting the wrongs of Big Oil alongside
a former President of Exxon?

Research MCWEF today.

P.S. Although Dr. Bailey will be signing licensing contracts in Utah within days, he will likely sign multiple contracts. Consider setting multiple sell orders for MCWEF between 200% and 1,000% higher than today's price.

Profits For All,

David Moore
Editor, Rising Stock Advisor

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